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AEROLIT was established as a natural continuation of Sports Medicine Association of Serbia in the field of sports and medical equipment.

The successful collaboration with companies Medical Shop and Alba Greca Medica indicated the necessity of a separate company that would deal with these programs.

One more reason is work on educating users, given the expertise of doctors who cooperate with aerolite.



Product range includes Tanita body fat monitors, and additional Polar heart rate monitors program, as well as the new Fitmate program from renowned Italian company Cosmed.

This equipment is the gold standard in the work not only of doctors and trainers, but also a growing number of fitness trainers working with the broadest population of recreationists. The emphasis on the monitoring of athletes and fitness enthusiasts hereby is given it's full importance.


Tanita Reference list


Thanks to the high quality and number of scientific papers on PUB MED all the important medical and sports facilities that deal with monitoring of body composition in Serbia are using BC-418. In this regard, Serbia is unique in Europe, because such a commitment to a particular device, or particular technology of some company is rare.

Institution Town Tanita model
Clinic for endocrinology, Faculty of medicine Novi Sad BC-418
Institute of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases, Faculty of medicine Belgrade BC-418
Institute of Hygiene, Faculty of medicine Belgrade BC-418
Institute for cardiovascular diseases Dedinje, Faculty of medicine Belgrade BC-418
Special hospital for thyroid disorders and metabolic diseases Zlatibor,Čigota. BC-418
Special hospital Merkur Vrnjačka Banja BC-418
Bel Medic Belgrade BC-418
Dr Ristic Belgrade BC-418
Alfa Medic Belgrade BC-418
Dynamic Medic Belgrade BC-418
Vita Maxima Belgrade BC-418
Derma Kragujevac BC-418
Sports medicine association of Serbia Belgrade BC-418
Republic Institute for Sports Belgrade BC-418
Center for sports nutrition and supplementation Belgrade BC-418
Basketball club Crvena Zvezda Belgrade BC-418
Association for the proper way of life and Prevention Belgrade BC-418


In addition to a superior model BC-418, over 50 fitness clubs in Serbia is using semiprofessional models used for measuring body composition and percentage of body fat, and companies Herbalife, Garmin and Cosmed use exclusively Tanita models in their programs.



AEROLIT is like a message from the heaven, kind of fire from the sky, God grain which is fallen to the Earth. According to ancient believing Stars have been a divinity and parts which have separated of them were kind of seed. Aerolite has Angle's mission, to connect heaven and the Earth. It is symbol of holy living which humans are striving for.

According to ancient beliefs stars were gods and the pieces that have been separated from them as a kind of seed.

Aerolit has a task similar to one of angels - to connect heaven and earth. Aerolite is a symbol of the higher life to which man aspires.



Sports Medicine Association of Serbia

Sports Medicine
Association of Serbia


Vita Maxima

Vita Maxima


Belgrade Aerobic and Fitness Association

Belgrade Aerobic and
Fitness Association


RK Sebastian

RK Sebastian


Doctor Feelgood

Dr Feelgood


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